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Bare Knuckle Pickups Single Coil Cobra Set RWRP

Bare Knuckle Pickups Single Coil Cobra Set RWRP

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Bare Knuckle Pickups Single Coil Cobra Set RWRP


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Quick Overview

A warm sounding single coil that retains the percussive, dynamic response of traditional single coils whilst handling high gain sounds with ease. Not just for hard rock, these handle all kinds of music that you throw at them.


With the Cobra you get the radical look and construction of the Black Hawk humbucker but the Cobra coils are very much true single coil pickups. Each pair of uniquely annealed nickel plated steel blades are powered by a pair of custom size ceramic magnets ensuring an even string-to-string balance of magnetism for optimum driving of the coil windings. These pickups may be single coil by design but they play with all the output of a humbucker. Despite having massive amounts of power on tap, the emphasis is firmly on dynamic response for a precise and expressive tone.

The frequency response is surprisingly balanced for a high output coil set; the bass notes track precisely with plenty of snap and mids are smooth while retaining a lot of punch. High end response is extremely articulate and remains clear as you roll off the volume pot for exceptional clean tones.

The Cobra is designed to replace any standard size Strat style single coil. They are available in 6 and 7 string formats as a fully calibrated trio or as individual coils for use in HSH or HSS formats.

Bridge DC: 11.5KΩ
Magnet:      Ceramic

Middle DC: 10.4

Magnet:       Ceramic

Neck DC:   10.4KΩ
Magnet:      Ceramic